There are six main types of deck surfaces. Each installed in their own way.

  • Pressure Treated Spruce
  • Vinyl Deck Covering
  • Composite Boards
  • Vinyl Composite Boards
  • Exotic Hardwoods
  • Cedar

PRESSURE TREATED WOODS Pressure Treated wood comes in primarily brown, and green in very limited quantities. There are a couple shades of brown, and unless a customer requests different, I use West Fraser Footprint from RONA. Pressure treated comes in two surface types, 5/4×6 “approx” 1” thick and 2×6 “approx” 1 1/2” thick. Special care should be taken to preserve your deck for years to come.

VINYL DECK COVERING We only use Ducan Deckmaster for our roll decking in a very limited capacity.

COMPOSITE DECKING The greatest surface variety is in composite decking. From entry level decks to large budget projects. Every home consultation that Triple Helix does we will bring samples to your home including some of my preferred composites to match to your decor.

VINYL COMPOSITE DECKING Vinyl composite boards is the fastest growing segment of the decking market, and fast catching composite boards for its variety of options. The advantage to vinyl composite boards is they have the lowest heat retention and the best water resistance.

EXOTIC HARDWOODS Exotic Hardwoods are my personal favorite to work with. We install our hardwoods without using screws in the surface to allow for a fastener free design. We highly recommend installing all hardwood surfaces allowing the surface to expand and contract free of the frame. Exotic Hardwoods should only be installed by someone with experience.

CEDAR Be sure to only use cedar for your surface. Cedar is not suitable for your frame. I recommend using an oil for cedar because acrylics will peel shortly after application.

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Moisture Shield has been my favorite for many years. I use two of Moisture Shields main lines, which every homeowner should consider. Vantage has been around for decades, and is my top pick for commercial applications. It scratches easier and faster than any composite and will begin to fade on day 1, however its is by far the easiest to repair and the scratches will blend out on their own as the sun heats them. Because every composite and PVC deck board will scratch, Vantage is best for commercial because of its long life span. Vision is the top line composite board I use. With Cooldeck Technology, its hard to beat the quality of the Vision line. Vision, however, has limited color choice.

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If I was looking for a product available to beat Moisture Shields quality, I would start with Deckorators top tier Voyage Decking. This product is both stain and fade resistant as well as never splintering, sagging or cracking. With little to no expansion and contraction, this product is ideally suited for wet conditions or properties near water. I most commonly use this product wear traction is a concern, because of its textured embossing.

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Clubhouse is my go to PVC deck board. It offers great heat retention and good traction. PVC’s like Clubhouse are the easiest to bend and the most versatile for creating patterns. I also strongly recommend Clubhouse when trying to blend the color of your vinyl siding. Clubhouse neutral tones match vinyl siding better than any other deck board. Their pricing has remained below there level of quality and can be the best pick for someone creating house value for a quick sale.


TimberTech is essentially a one stop shop for all your surface needs. Whether its composite or Vinyl deck board TimberTech has a lot to choose from. They also have a selection of samples to bring home and live with to make sure that you like the colors and pattern. And with a 50 year warranty on some of their products, you’ll be free to love your custom deck for a long time.

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Fiberon’s Good Life line up is my favorite entry level product and rivals some of its competitors top lines. If budget is a concern, but a composite is for you, start with Fiberon Good Life. Fiberon also boasts a very large variety of colors and patterns to choose from, with a remarkable warranty. Any Fiberon product is a good pick.

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Exotic Hardwood isn’t for everyone, but everyone should consider Kayu. The Batu, Mahogany, Ipe, and Tigerwood hardwood are my favorite surface. We install hardwoods so that you can’t see the fasteners, making a glass like finish that can’t be beat. I strongly recommend, hiring someone that takes their time installing this product perfectly. The more research you do with Kayu, the better. These are not low maintenance options, but Kayu can help make it easy. We install all Batu with hemp shield oil for UV protection and easy future maintenance.