Skirting is the finishing touch on any deck; those below 3 feet especially, will appear unfinished without it. Skirting goes in with half the effort if you plan ahead and install your support system before you install the surface. Skirting can be installed horizontally to match the siding of a house or vertically to blend with the railing of the deck. My rule of thumb is, if your deck is below 2 feet and doesn’t have a rail, go horizontal. If your railing is a big feature of your deck, choose a vertical skirting. Your fence choice can also play a big part in your decision. Make sure to consider blending your fence into your deck before choosing material or design.


I most commonly use a wood skirting to match the railing and fence. Like any wood, this will add to the maintenance of your project.


We do not use real stone or cultured stone, we are only set up to use a foam stone substitute or a PVC stone. Typically we blend the skirting into the homes existing stone facade.


Lattice is bold. Most home owners using lattice have a very natural landscape. Climbing vines through your decks skirting looks truly amazing. Lattice can be purchased in both wood and PVC.

Cement Board

Whenever your house is stucco, no skirting seems to fit as well as cement board. We can blend your skirting perfectly with your stucco, however both will change color with weather. Be sure to pressure wash for a perfect color blend.