Outdoor lighting is a great way to accent any project. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects, but my favorite are always the ones with lighting. It is one of the most overlooked aspects of any deck, but definitely one of the cheapest and easiest ways to customize the space. Ask us how we can incorporate lights into your vision!

These lights are best placed in the surface of a deck or under the lip of the stairs. Be careful to plan ahead where the lights will go so that they are not eye level. These are meant for ambiance, but covered toonie lights would pair well for eye level lighting.


Covered toonie lights are a great addition when you want lighting at or above eye level. A good example is, the stairs to transition between deck levels.


Railing lights have by far the most options. We can install most railing lights into any railing. Whether its aluminium or wood, there are a variety of options. We can have them turn on and off with your smart phone, and have them lit in hundreds of colors. Some smart home options will even pair with your music to create a light show.


Treat your outdoor dining area to a makeover and consider investing in a chandelier for your pergola. With a variety of options to suit every decor, outdoor chandeliers are a great way to create warmth and space.