What is Skirting? Types of Skirting and Deck Skirting Material

What is Skirting? Types of Skirting and Deck Skirting Material

What is skirting?

Skirting is an important addition to any deck under 4 feet. It is used to cover up a decks frame work or substructure and create a seamless finish, while providing options for additional storage or simply a maintenance free space underneath your deck. Considerations include the types of skirting, and the overall visual end result.

Types of Skirting and Deck Skirting Material

The 3 main materials used for skirting are fence boards, wood or vinyl lattice and 5/4×6 deck boards. I recommend that all customers match their deck surface with their skirting. For instance, when using a wood surface use fence or deck boards for skirting and when using composite or PVC decking, vinyl is best. Deck boards can be used to directly match the surface but can be costly with a taller deck. Whether you choose wood or vinyl, it is important to properly secure the skirting to the deck and should always be done by a professional.

With some extra planning in the beginning you can create a wood floor, gates or even a drawer capable of holding heavy objects. Depending on the height of your deck, and the size of your dog, you can even create a dog run.

I recommend every home owner consider adding skirting. especially with patio style decks because you can create a flat level surface to enjoy your backyard while sloping the earth under your deck for proper drainage. With decks over 4 feet however, I don’t recommend a skirting because it create the illusion that your deck is taking up too much yard space and can make your outdoor living space seem smaller.

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